Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Diary Of A Pessimistic Arsenal Fan - Theo Cleans Blackpool's Clock

By Shane Thomas


Ok, so I'll admit it. This was quite a fun experience. There'll be a distinct lack of pessimism from this post (don't worry, the misery will return soon enough) as Arsenal demolished Blackpool to go to second in the Premier League table.

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Diary Of A Pessimistic Arsenal Fan

By Shane Thomas

Fandom isn't that complicated. You experience something. You like it. And then you follow it until it loses its appeal. Whether it's religion, a television show or a musician, it latches onto your consciousness and becomes a permanent part of your very existence. And this is never illustrated better than in sport.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Johnson 'Sand-Trapped' at Whistling Straits - Guest Post by Jared Ptaszkiewicz

By Jared Ptaszkiewicz

In the early spring of 1968, Gay Brewer placed The Green Jacket around the shoulders of Bob Goalby, crowing him Masters Champion. The Green Jacket - maybe the ultimate of symbol of golf victory - would cement the legacy of Bob Goalby as a champion at Augusta National.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Premier League 2010/11 Preview - Here We Go Again

By Shane Thomas

First, a confession. The new Premier League season starts tomorrow. And I have not a trace of anticipation or excitement. With the World Cup filling in the the gap between the last domestic seaosn and this one, I would happily go at least another month without any football. But there's money to be made and SKY were beginning to look somewhat pointless as a television station. So back it comes, propelled into the sporting conciousness. You know that person at a house party who you suspect might be on cocaine, and doesn't really care for your opinion on anything? Well neither does the Premier League. They've got all this football for you to watch, and you'll sit there and like it.

So I may be running on empty but I have another new season to preview, as you'll read below. Just don't ask me how I'm going to get through the next 9 months:

Thursday, 5 August 2010

World Cup 2010 - The Round Up

By Shane Thomas

I think a suitable amount of time has passed for me to take stock of the football festival we had in South Africa this summer. Apologies for taking so long with it, but truth be told, I'd gotten pretty sick of the sight of the game afer 11 months of non-stop football. But here it is - the World Cup round-up, where you will find my ratings of the England team, the tournament's best XI, and directly below, the competition's highlights and lowlights:

World Cup 2010 - Team Of The Tournament

By Shane Thomas


Iker Casillas - (Spain)

Was unfairly castigated for the goal that led to Spain's defeat in their opening game to Switzerland. But made a crucial penalty save in the quarter-final that was as important as David Villa's winning goal and was one of the players of the final. Had Casillas not rescued Spain twice when Arjen Robben burst through the match would have been out of sight long before their extra-time winner.

Special Mentions: Vincent Enyeama (Nigeria)