Monday, 27 August 2012

The Diary Of A Pessimistic Arsenal Fan - Arsenal Profligate But Show New Found Maturity

By Shane Thomas


Expect many people to state that the spectre of the departed Robin Van Persie will continue to loom over Arsenal, as they failed to score for the second successive game. The 0-0 draw against Stoke may frustrate Gooners, but there was enough from the game to suggest that this latest squad possesses a quality not seen at the club for a good few seasons.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Why The Olympics Matter

By Shane Thomas

After the wondrous Olympic Games in London, I expect I'm already preaching to the congregation with this piece. However, what happened in Britain over the past few weeks bears repeating. And yet, for so long, the thought of the greatest show on Earth reaching these shores was met with indifference.

The pessimism and apathy had begun to dissipate as the Opening Ceremony drew closer, and then a political gaffe from Mitt Romney only expedited this, failing to realise that like one's family members, you can listen to the complaints, but under no circumstances join in - it almost makes me want to see him become America's President just to see how his visit to Downing Street would pan out.

Friday, 17 August 2012

The Diary Of A Pessimistic Arsenal Fan - The New Signings

By Shane Thomas

So, 2011/12 ended as a season in which Arsenal got away with it, and scraped into the Champions League for the 13th successive campaign. Their star man, Robin Van Persie has departed, and Alex Song is likely to join him. However, the club approach the 2012/13 season with a degree of understated optimism.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bolt's Riposte To The Mortals

By Shane Thomas

As Usain Bolt crossed the line first in the 200 metres, cementing himself as the greatest sprinter of all time, the doubts and whispers about him disappeared into the London ether. But Bolt never forgot.

Pendleton vs Meares: The Eternal Question

By Shane Thomas

We've seen some extraordinary things at these Olympics, but in the lead-up, there were few events that I wanted to see more than the culmination of one of the most enthralling sporting rivalries for a generation; Victoria Pendleton versus Anna Meares.

While Pendleton could claim first blood, after taking gold in the keirin, the focus would rightly be on the women's sprint, which took place on the final day of action in the Velodrome.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Britain's Golden Child

By Shane Thomas

Jessica Ennis. The face of London 2012. Such a nice girl, isn't she? Wouldn't it be lovely if more people were like her?

Let's stop this one-sided view of Britain's latest sporting icon. Behind the courteous persona and schoolgirl demeanour lies a soul-deep core of competitive steel. The nation's sweetheart? I doubt her opponents in the heptathlon think so.

The Greatest Day

By Shane Thomas

Caught your breath yet? Good, then I'll begin. Saturday, 4th August 2012. If there's been a better day in the history of British sport, then those that were there to see it were seriously lucky.