Monday, 26 July 2010

Tour De France Review

By Jonathan Wilkinson

Another year and another doping scandal in the Tour, oh wait, there wasn't, well not yet anyway. So now that is out of the way lets get down to the review of the Tour, one of the best in recent memory and also one of the closest, with just 39 seconds between 1st and 2nd:

Red Mist Set To Descend On Ferrari As They Fix German Grand Prix For The Favoured Son

By Shane Thomas

Anyone who has an elder sibling has probably had to go through the experience of feeling marginalised. Whether it's when receiving the cheaper presents on Christmas Day, having to wear their 'hand-me downs' at the end of August - just in time for the new school year - or getting less pocket money at the end of the week (do parents even bother with pocket money these days and if so, is 'pocket money' even the correct term? Christ I'm old) it's easy to feel like your parents have earmarked their affections for the child who came first. It's not that they don't love you as well but the elder sibling was always part of the plan. You were more of a alcohol-fuelled afterthought.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

England's World Cup - The G.E.I.S.H Index

By Shane Thomas

So now that the hype has come & gone and the flags have been taken down, England's footballers have gone from 'world class' to 'overhyped disgraces to society who should be put in the stocks for letting their country down'. Well at least that's the case if you read 'The Sun'. Away from such hysteria, how did the England team perform in South Africa? Well going through the squad memebers (obviously only those who featured) here's my marks. We've seen Fabio Capello's Index. Here's mine:

Monday, 12 July 2010

Guest Post by Elton McManus - The British Grand Prix

By Elton McManus

British Grand Prix, Silverstone 11th July 2010

Well, an epic weekend was had at the British GP, Silverstone.The weekend started off slow for McLaren, struggling with their new blown diffuser. Once it was decided that it wouldn’t be used because it was causing parts of the body work to overheat & proved difficult to drive with, Garry Paffet (test driver) spent most of the night on the companies simulator trying to find a good set up, or base line, for Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton to use in Saturday practice.

Pass Masters Show Their Courage To Beat Down The Dutch Playground Bullies

By Shane Thomas

SPAIN 1 - 0 HOLLAND (a.e.t)

In what was one of the worst World Cup finals of modern times, Spain wrote themselves into football history by adding the game's richest prize to their European title won two years previously.

Spain vs Holland - Match Ratings

By Shane Thomas



It's been a mixed bag from the Spain captain in this World Cup but he was at his best here. Made two key saves to deny Arjen Robben, the first one being an absolutely belting stop. A good case can be made for Casillas being man of the match.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The World Cup Final - The Matchwinners

By Shane Thomas

After the hype, the build-up, the wall to wall television coverage, the goals, the red cards, the refereeing blunders and the vuvuzelas, football's biggest match takes place in a few hours time. Either Spain or Holland will inscribe their name onto the game's most coveted prize for the first time, and by extension, someone will etch themselves onto the planet's sporting consciousness for ever. I will pick three names from the two teams who are the most likely to be the lead items on every news report come Monday morning:

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tomorrow Belongs To Them

By Shane Thomas

All of Germany probably woke up with very sore heads today after drowning their sorrows due to their country's footballers being knocked out of the World Cup last night. Having given the watching world the most thrilling football of the competition, they met their match in the European Champions, Spain. Die Mannschaft were thoroughly outclassed and deservedly beaten. But Germany should not be too despondent about their elimination. Not only have they played some wonderful football but they have quite a few reasons for optimism in the immediate future.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Rafa Brings Out The Torture Rack As Murray Broken By The Spanish Inquisition

Rafael Nadal Beats Andy Murray 6-4, 7-6, 6-4 In Wimbledon Semi-Final

By Shane Thomas

Rafa Nadal produced an awesome display of ruthless power hitting to crush Andy Murray's dreams of ending the British title drought at Wimbledon. The World Number 1 showed why he is just that by producing (bar the final of 2008) his best ever performance at SW19.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rugby League Fights back against Homophobia

By Jonathan Wilkinson

How many openly gay sports stars can you name? I bet it is less than you have fingers, I know for me it is, there is Gareth Thomas (rugby union/league player, more on him later), Ian Roberts (rugby league), Justin Fashanu (football) and Martina Navratilova (tennis) are the only ones I can name.

Blood On The Centre Court As God Made To All Too Human

By Shane Thomas

While not neccessarily a changing of the guard, yesterday felt like a key sporting day of 2010, at least in the tennis world. The sport was in shock after Roger Federer's elimination in the Wimbledon quarter-finals to the Czezh, Tomas Berdych. Not only was the defeat itself a surprise, but the manner of it rendered the Centre Court crowd agape with shock. Like all great sportspeople, the accepted wisdom is that to beat Federer, you have to play at your very best, maybe the best you'll ever play. Well that wasn't the case yesterday. Make no mistake, Berdych played very well, but he's played better. Anyone who saw him reach the semi-finals of the French Open last month will attest to that.