Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dual Purpose Staduims

By Jonathan Wilkinson

According to that ever reliable source The Daily Mail (so this story is more than likely a load of shit) Premiership clubs who ground share with other sporting teams, such as Hull City and Wigan, who share with Super League clubs, will be told that they can no longer play in duel purpose stadiums. Here is the article

Now the spotlight is one the state of the pitches themselves and the "effect" that playing rugby on them is having on the the quality. This is where the arguments start to fall down, because one of the complaints about the Wigan pitch was from Everton back in January, before the rugby season had even kicked off. Far more likely the state of the pitch is down to the horrible winter we have had. When this is coupled with the fact that Hull FC have a 25 year lease with the council to use the ground, the only losers in this case would be the football teams, who would either have to find their own grounds in the city or play the two Super League teams a whole lot of compensation so they could move out into a new ground. This just isn't going to happen. The football teams really have to get a grip and get on with playing football.

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