Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wisden - Cricket's Bible

By Shane Thomas

The Wisden Cricketers Almanack 2010. Regarded unofficially as the Bible of cricket. It's it sport's longest running annual, founded back in 1864. This year's edition, which is now available, contains the most comprehensive documentation of the game in the past 12 months that you can find.

Added to this are some wonderfully enlightening articles on the state of the game. What I have always found so refreshing about Wisden is that as general journalism standards have dropped - due to the lack of people paying for newspapers and editors desperate to write their own narrative, which leads to greater homogenisation - Wisden has kept all its journalistic integrity. Unlike the game of cricket in general, you can't imagine Wisden selling it's soul to make the proverbial quick buck.

But rather than me tell you this, it would be more prudent of me to show you what I'm talking about. Below are three links to articles in this year's edition. See for yourself what you can expect to see in what remains one of sport's finest publications, and a must buy for any cricket fan.

England Ashes winning former coach, Duncan Fletcher worries about the state of England's domestic game, especially at one-day level.

Michael Armstrong-Jones gives a fascinating insight into the science behind how a batsman deals with a 95mph delivery.

Wisden's editor and cricket correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph, Scyld Berry explains why he believes the game of cricket is heading for a fall when players are allowed to question the game's umpires.

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