Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Time To Be Perfect

By Jonathan Wilkinson

Tonight the race to be promoted from League 1 took another twist in what is turning out to be the most entertaining league in England in terms of closest.

Here is the top 5

Points GD
1. Norwich 86 +38
2. Leeds 80 +31
3. Millwall 79 +33
4. Charlton 77 +21
5. Swindon 77 +16

This is with just 4 games to go, more than a few months back Leeds were cruising to promotion but a run of poor form saw them fall out of the top 2 for the first time since August last month. At that time it looked like Norwich were the ones cruising towards the title and promotion but, although it is unlikely, they could be dragged right back into the promotion race next weekend if results go against them.
While the papers were off praising the most "exciting" premiership title race in years, which just a couple of weeks later seems to be all but over due to Man Utd luck catching up with them and been exposed as the average team they are without Rooney and all Arsenal's key players been injured, those of us that follow teams have been involved in a proper race.
In the last 4 weeks allow the momentum has swung between Leeds, Millwall and Swindon and now it is back in Leeds hands. With just 4 weeks to go, this is the time that Leeds need to be perfect. Beckford was dropped tonight, after failing to score in 5 games and by the looks of it, it has paid off, with the 2 strikers both getting in on the scoring tonight. There are just 4 games left, 4 games for Leeds to be perfect and get us back into the Championship and hopefully on the road to recovery that will see us return to the Premiership, where we can be part of the dullest league in England.

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