Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Other Events Of The Summer

As you may have noticed Shane does must of the posting on this blog, that is because a)I'm a bit tied down with all the editing/work/uni work

b)Shane is just miles better at this than me

Anyway I was reading Shane's latest post about events that are not football and going on this summer and noticed one big omissions, the Tour De France:

By Jonathan Wilkinson

Tour De France

For me this is the biggest annual sporting event of the year outside of Rugby League and Football. 3 weeks of the toughest endurance race on the planet, which unfortunately has been tarnished by the use of drugs for pretty much all of its existence.

However ever since my uncle used to come around and watch it, I have been hooked, the high speed sprints are brilliant but it's in the mountains that the drama really starts to unfold, this is where the champions are made and the pretenders fall away. It is the mountains that gave us most of the memorable moments, from Roach hanging on to Armstrong pulling away from Ullrich. And this year it is shaping up to be the best in a long while.
A) It is Armstrong's last ever tour, well we have heard that before but I think he means it this time
B) Armstrong, who finished 3rd last year while riding for the same team as Contador, who finished 1st. This year they are rivals, Armstrong will be allowed to attack him, it should make for some brilliant viewing.
C) Wiggins - Last year Wiggins was a surprise, equaling the best ever GC finish by a Brit when finishing 4th. This year we will see if that was a fluke or if he really is the real deal, could we have a Brit on the poduim for the first time ever? Here's hoping.
D) Super Cav going for green. He missed out just last year after a bad call saw him relegated to last place in one of the stages, points that would have seen him win green. He is clearly the best sprinter in the world, although not really preforming to his usual standards this year. Hopefully we will have 2 reasons to celebrate the Brits at this year's tour.
E) The Col du Tourmalet, one of the stand out mountains of any tour and this year it will be climbed twice in the space of 3 days. Bring it on.

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